A Legacy in Tea
since 1913

Ranked by Harrods as one of the top 9 tea estates in the world, we have a proud legacy of more than a hundred years. From our highly awarded tea estate in Assam, comes some of the freshest and purest teas in the world. We strongly believe in quality over quantity which is why most of our best-selling teas are sold out consistently.

The Halmari Tea Collection - Best Tea in UK

Order your cup of the best tea in the UK at a price less than your local vendor’s.

Buy Halmari Tea in UK

Halmari Tea brings to you a tea experience like no other!
Whether you’re a tea connoisseur or a newbie, energise your mornings with a fresh cup of tea and wind down with a relaxing brew. Below are the varieties we offer:

CTC Teas

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CTC English Breakfast, CTC Blend and CTC Orthodox Blend are Halmari’s finest black teas to be consumed in liquor form or with milk. The perfect variety to drink with a splash of milk and some sugar- this kind of tea loses none of its goodness with had with additives. So, order the best black tea in UK online!

Orthodox Teas

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Our special orthodox teas are a fine blend of golden tips, deeply rolled GTGFOP1 Clonal and Orthodox Tea. The unique quality of this tea is that it pairs well with any spice lending it a new flavour each time.

Flavored Teas

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Our unique flavoured teas are meant for those who want to treat their taste buds to some zesty flavours. Masala Chai, Chamomile Tea, Earl Grey Tea and Lemon Green Tea are some of the varieties you can order online.

Ultra Rare and Luxury Tea

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Available as Golden Tips and Silver Needle; First Flush and Second Flush Tea, these teas are extremely rare and available in very small batches. Order it online before it sells out!

Speciality Teas

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Our favourite speciality teas are the exquisite Hand Rolled Oolong, White Tea and Green Tea. These teas are high in antioxidants and enhance hair and skin quality.

Why Choose Halmari Tea?

01. The Finest Quality in Tea

Halmari Tea patronized by Michelin starred restaurants and stores like Harrods worldwide, offers the finest quality of tea there is. A multiple time Great Taste Award winner, you know you’re making the right choice with Halmari.

02. Focus on Environmental Friendly Practices

Halmari is 100% rainforest alliance compliant. We encourage and sustain an environment-friendly culture at our tea garden.

03. Freshest Tea brought to your doorstep

Our teas are delivered straight from our estate right to your doorstep in 4 working days, enabling you to enjoy the freshest garden tea in the world.

04. Most Awarded Tea Garden

Halmari Tea comes from the most awarded estate in India since 1913 and is also ranked in the top 9 best tea gardens in the world!