10 Reasons to sip a cup of white tea

While tea is the most loved hot beverage on the planet, one of the relatively newer players in its portfolio is white tea. This type of tea originated in China and has gradually started making it presence felt in different parts of the globe mainly because of the health benefits of white tea.

During this time, there have been a number of experiments which have led to a number of varieties of white tea that have were produced from a select category of tea bushes. Let us have a look at couple of the reasons why this niche tea is expected to attract higher demand in the near future.


It is a little known fact that white tea contains even more antioxidants than the in demand green tea which is being drunk all over the world for health benefits. Antioxidants have a range of amazing advantages which help people who are suffering from certain types of illnesses as these get rid of some of the unwanted properties and help cleanse the body.


While a lot of people drink tea around the world, only a minute proportion pay attention to the manufacturing processes of these teas. As white tea is the least processed amongst teas, it contains the highest number of polyphenols that contain viral and fungal fighting properties.


White tea has a very light taste as well as cup colour when compared to most of the popular versions like black tea and green tea. It does not have that bold astringency and instead has a slightly sweet taste to it. If brewed in the correct manner, there should be no bitterness and very little or no after taste at all. Boiling water (ideal is 80-85 F) should never be used and it is best to use fresh water every time to attain best quality.

Lowers blood pressure

White tea is known to contain properties that have been proven to combat blood pressure. People who suffer from hypertension are more or less guaranteed to feel more relaxed and refreshed after drinking a cup of this specialty tea. Studies have shown that white tea thins blood while improving artery functions by promoting healthy and strong blood vessels.

Say cheese

Another not so well known fact about this variant of tea is that it contains fluoride. Studies have shown the amount to be between 0.37-0.54 mg/L for each serving. Fluoride helps to regenerate and protect the enamel in the teeth while also helping the teeth by preventing against decay for both adults and children. Not only does this keep the teeth strong, it also keeps it as white as possible.

Reduce cholesterol

There are a type of antioxidants known as catechins which help to combat cholesterol. It just so happens that white tea is filled with these antioxidants which are known to reduce the bad cholesterol of the body while increasing the good cholesterol at the same time. As a result, blood flow blockages are reduced and the arteries are prevented from getting hardened.

Antibacterial qualities

Most of the sicknesses and ailments are caused by pathogens which reduce the immunity in our body. White tea contains some properties which fight against these and give a boost to the immune system while making the body less prone to attracting some sickness or disease.

Aids cancer prevention

Flavonoids are another type of antioxidant which are found in tea. These are known to stem the growth of any cancer cell and prevent future ones from growing as well. Studies in the past have shown that white tea does the same job as prescription drugs but without the side effects that these drugs can have. How wonderful is that!!!!!!

Healthy skin

As can be understood from the above, white tea is fully loaded with a number of different kinds of antioxidants. All of these put together have powerful combating abilities against diseases and free radicals which roam around in our body. It is because of all this that our skin gets protected from the harmful UV rays and also recovers fast from any injury or damage.


If none of the above reasons work for some reason (though that seems impossible), then one might as well derive satisfaction from sipping on this tea by knowing that they are in possession of a niche and rare product- a product which is expected to attract a larger number of tea drinkers across the planet as a result of the health benefits of white tea.

In the years to come, white tea may get substituted for a lot of the health benefits of green tea. The taste (since it is not that brisk) as well as the fact that white tea contains less caffeine than green tea, could be amongst the major deciding factors for this. One thing that is certain is that this specialty tea will get produced in larger amounts in the future. Come grab your pack while it still remains an exclusive product.

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