5 Reasons to buy Indian Masala Chai Tea

In all the countries on this planet, there will generally be a runaway favourite hot beverage of the nation. While coffee takes these honours in a few places, tea, it seems, will remain the heavyweight in this category for years to come if the current scenario is taken into consideration.

One of the best things about tea is that it has been adopted (whether home grown or exported) and then adapted by different cultures and people around the world to suit their personal preferences and tastes. A commonly adopted style of tea preparation around the world is Indian Masala Chai Tea.

Mentioned below are 5 reasons to buy Indian Masala Chai Tea and make it your favourite as well.

Royalty used it for health reasons thousands of years back

It is believed that this concoction was first used in the royal courts of the Asian kingdoms a great many number of years back. This was originally used as a herbal drink in those times which people consumed to cleanse their systems. The thing of note is that tea was not a part of the recipe at that point of time.

Tea was a much later addition to the very popular ‘’masala chai.’’ Once tea production became popular in India, quite a few people started adding tea to the mixture that was known as ‘masala chai’ at that point of time. This is probably the reason why it is called the Indian Masala Chai Tea now.

While this became well-liked, one of the things which really threw this popular tea preparation into the spotlight was the introduction of CTC teas. Though invented in the 1930’s, it was not till the 1950’s that this concept caught on. This Crush, Tear, Curl method of production also had the same effect on the costs of tea and it became available to the masses across India- which is no small number by any means.


The main or rather original ingredients of this mixture were a number of spices which was used for Ayurvedic medicinal purposes. When tea (along with sugar and milk) was added to this, the health benefits of tea were not as pronounced as it is in today’s day and age. Tea introduced caffeine to this previously caffeine-free mixture and gave it that added bit of zing and taste.

Some of the main ingredients of masala chai tea are ginger, milk and sugar. Other common spices would include cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. Over time, ground black pepper, nutmeg, star anise, fennel seeds and a couple of others have all found their way into various recipes of Indian Masala Chai Tea. It is important to get the correct mix of ingredients and not overload the mixture with one thing too many. Otherwise, this would be one variety which would not be the spice of life.

Easy access and preparation

One of the best things about making this sort of tea is the fact that it can be made with the utmost of ease and comfort in most places- mainly based on the ingredients and the fact that preparing tea is one of the simpler and yet more complex things around. While there are some preparations which use green tea, the major chunk of masala chai tea recipes constitute of CTC black tea. CTC tea is much more accessible and readily available as compared to green tea in most places around the globe.

Health benefits

As mentioned, the original concoction was used for medicinal purposes. Once the health benefits of tea came more into play, this preparation of tea suddenly became the go-to drink for a lot of people around the world. The spices added to this mixture anyways have their own health benefits.  Some of the common health benefits of Indian Masala Chai Tea would include improving digestion, aiding in common cold/cough/flue, energizing the body and being good for the heart and diabetic patients.

This trend should stay forever

While a lot of things come and go, that does not seem to be the case with our product on hand. The one thing that seems likely is that a greater number of people are soon going to get hooked onto this wonderful mixture of natural ingredients. With the rate at which technology is advancing, it would not come across as a surprise if some special health benefit of Indian Masala Chai Tea is found in the future.

Even though there are a lot of different stories about how this came into origin, the one thing we all do know is that there are lot of people who call it their favourite cuppa. Keep sipping on that delicious brew and try out the Halmari Masala Tea for the optimum experience in drinking tea.

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