6 natural tea remedies that say goodbye to stress and anxiety

There comes a point of time in the life when everyone feels the need to sit back, throw up their feet and just relax. Stress and anxiety are one of the most common problems around the globe that most people deal with on a daily basis and there are various manners and methods in which each individual choose to deal with it.

One way of dealing with stress over the ages has been to drink tea. Tea is known to be one of the oldest known natural relaxants and people have been drinking tea for ages as a stress buster. Here we take a look at some of the types of tea and the preparations of these varieties which are known for their stress relieving properties.

1. Chamomile tea

When speaking about tea and stress relief, there are few varieties which could connect the dots as well as chamomile tea- the variety of tea which is drunk all around the world for its soothing and relaxing properties as well as its ability to induce sleep which generally vanishes when people are worried about something and the mind is tense. This tea allows for the muscles in the body to relax and thereby calm our minds as well. Quite the double whammy and no wonder why chamomile tea consumption has increased in the last couple of years.

2. Oat straw tea

While this one is still up for debate, you could be the judge as to whether it works for you or not. It seems that there has been no concrete scientific evidence yet about all the benefits of oat straw tea but preliminary research suggests that other parts of the plant have health benefits. Historically, oats have also been associated with things like health and energy. Oat straw tea, taken from parts of the plant that are above the ground, is believed to alleviate problems like chronic stress, insomnia and anxiety. Who knows, this folk remedy from over the years could turn out to be just what you are looking for when things do not seem to be going in the right direction.

3. Green tea

This is another category in which this wonder tea ticks all the correct boxes. Green tea has a type of amino acid called theanine which is responsible for taking care of things like depression, stress and anxiety. Theanine has been subject to some research and findings have shown that they could have the ability to enhance your mood. Apart from that, there has been ample amount of research to show that green tea has stress relieving properties. Add this one as well to the list of numerous health benefits of green tea.

4. Peppermint tea

This one should come as a natural choice since peppermint is well known for its muscle relaxing properties which come from the menthol that it contains. This can also be considered as one of the perfect drinks to have before going to sleep. That lack of caffeine means that it does not play a part in hampering sleep. It is also known to aid in digestion. The thing to note is that people with certain medical conditions like pregnancy should consult their doctors before consuming peppermint tea as it could be detrimental for progression.

5. Tulsi tea

Holy basil or tulsi, as it is known all over India and some parts of Asia, has been used for a long time as part of treatment for general ailments. It has also been used as a natural coolant or digestive or just for its taste in a number of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks as well. Herbal teas like tulsi tea contain a type of flavonoids called eugenol that help one to calm down. This also sets off the production of neurotransmitters which act as antidepressants by reducing stress and anxiety.

6. Black tea

If your local shop does not have any of the above mentioned teas at the moment, do not fear. Good old black tea is something which has been around for ages and has been a major source of stress relief for numerous people. Very few teas will have the ability to refresh people the way a strong brisk cup of black tea does. Studies in the past have shown that black tea drinkers have reduced levels of cortisol- a naturally occurring hormone which swells up when one is stressed.

There are a number of health benefits of tea and giving relief from stress and anxiety is just one of them. While everyone would like to feel stress free all the time, the thing to keep in mind is that even these preparations of tea should be drunk in moderation.

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