7 Reasons to have a cup of Orthodox Black Tea

Across the world, orthodox tea is looked at with a lot of pride and satisfaction- whether it is a happy tea garden owner or an equally happy loyalist who is looking at their cup with a gleam in their eyes. After all, when it is made to the best that it can, there are few black teas around which can match the flavours and cup quality. We, at Halmari Tea, resonate the same thoughts on this tea of ours which has been a multiple winner at the North American Tea Championships that are held every year.

For the purists and the regular tea drinkers, this variety of loose leaf tea would need no introduction. But for the others, here are 7 reasons to have a cup of orthodox tea.

Only the top quality leaves are handpicked for manufacture

One of the best things about orthodox tea is that only the best leaves and combination (mostly 2 leaf and bud) are plucked from the bushes by hand. It is done to ensure a top quality of production as the leaves get plucked with utmost care and gentleness. This sort of plucking ensures that the most tender and apt leaves are used to create tea with maximum potency possible in terms of health benefits as well as cup quality and flavours.

Less breakage allows all the virtues of the leaf to come through

In reality, the process of tea manufacture starts from the moment the leaf is plucked from the bush. A lot of the quality of the tea gets determined from how the leaf is treated from start to finish. When it comes to orthodox teas, the production or manufacture style ensures that the final product does not go through as many stages of breaking down as compared to some of the other popular varieties of tea.

As it faces less wear and tear while being made, orthodox tea allows for most of the original properties to be as intact as possible. This lets a lot of singular characteristics of the leaf come out when drinking a cup of orthodox which allows for a raw, and over more complete tea drinking experience.

Health benefits

It is a commonly known fact tea has a lot of health benefits associated with it and these have been proven through research and studies that were conducted on tea drinkers and non tea drinkers previously. The benefits were related to cardiovascular diseases, weight loss, blood sugar levels, digestion, stress relief and dental hygiene, amongst others. All of the above and numerous other health benefits of tea have prompted a lot of people around the world to include this cuppa in their daily regimen.

Experience the different flavours

As mentioned earlier, the production style allows for a lot of original characteristics to be retained. Most leaves differ due to the various climatic and soil conditions in which they are grown. Some of the best orthodox teas are made from clones of a particular kind which are known to deliver the ultimate that tea can offer. As a result of the mix of the above mentioned factors, orthodox tea has a lot of different kinds of flavours and aromas and no tea can be classified as exactly the same as the other. On occasions, even two teas manufactured from the same garden and at the same time, can display absolutely different properties.

Best for non milk drinkers

This tea is best for those who may not be able to take in milk, amongst other dairy products. Orthodox tea is best suited for such tea drinkers since the best way to consume orthodox tea is without the addition of any milk. We believe that if milk is added to such a fine and light cup of tea, it actually masks the originality of the cup and tends to give a more generic taste to it.

This is what goes into a lot of iconic blends around the world

One of the more remarkable things about orthodox tea is that it has become the most vital ingredient of some of the more iconic blends around the world. Why not try your hand at making one of those blends for yourself by using our single estate origin orthodox teas. If that does not suit you, our English Breakfast and Earl Grey teas would fit the bill perfectly.

The original way

If not for anything else, then one reason why orthodox tea should be drunk is because this is the way in which most of the world, if not all, drank their tea before the CTC style of manufacturing came around in the mid 1900’s.

One thing to remember is that everything should be done in moderation and drinking too much tea (even the best) everyday could lead to some serious side effects.

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