7 types of tea that will actually make you feel better

Over the ages, one of the main reasons why people have enjoyed drinking their tea is because it makes them feel better. That is quite a subjective thing in its own way unless specifically mentioned. Tea was also used for its medicinal purposes back in the day when there was not so much research done on tea for various purposes other than its primary purpose maybe.

Now there are so many teas which are apparently meant for certain purposes only. The thing to keep in mind is that except a few varieties, majority of the tea types around the world come from the same parent plant. Without much ado, let us have a look at some of the teas that are meant to make us feel better

1. Cinnamon Tea

If not for the taste of cinnamon, then definitely for the properties that are beneficial to health

Like some varieties of tea, cinnamon also contains antioxidants and the main reason for most of its health benefits can be credited to the fact that cinnamon contains a very high amount of cinnamaldehyde. Anti inflammatory properties is another of its major benefits. Apart from these, some of the other major health benefits for cinnamon tea would include aiding against cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, chronic diseases while also strengthening the immune system and boosting the digestion as well as regulating blood pressure. These were just a few benefits of cinnamon tea.

2. Chamomile Tea

This herb tea with zero calories is considered among the best for its soothing properties

There is probably no other tea on this planet that would be able to take on chamomile when it comes to giving the instant relaxation that it is known for. A lot of people consider this to be the modern bedtime snack and being devoid of calories, surely helps. The German variety has been used to treat colds in particular and it is also known to provide relief from common problems like cramps and migraines. The taste is also refreshing in the fact that it could range from earthy to floral to even a few strains of fruit to give it a light and sweetish taste.

3. Turmeric & Ginger Tea

The tried and tested formula for many a common ailments over the ages

Throughout history, both turmeric and ginger have been associated with various health benefits and have been included in numerous remedies for a number of different types of ailments and allergies. Ginger is supposed to contain antibiotic agents as well as anti viral properties while turmeric boasts of anti cancer and anti inflammatory properties. Consumption of both of these can have telling signs on your health. Honey and lemon are both good additions to the above combo and each has their own side benefit.  While the former induces sleep, the latter is one of the best things to detoxify the system.

4. Lavender Tea

The medicinal properties are more of value in this case than the aroma which is generally the cause for its popularity

The smell of this tea should be more than enough to get your senses to calm down unless you do not like the smell of lavender. One interesting use of lavender tea is to use it as wash on the chest as means of easing the effects of things like colds, asthma and bronchitis. Some of its other benefits include but are not limited to healing cuts and wounds while also reducing coughs, fevers and other similar bronchial problems. This sort of preparation is advisable for both children and adults.

5. Peppermint Tea

This natural remedy is also one of the better known natural muscle relaxants

Peppermint tea is also well known for calming down one’s nerves while also helping one to ease away stress. To go along with the aroma or flavour, another thing to note is that this type of tea is completely devoid of caffeine and could also be drunk at night without compromising on any impending signs of sleep. One thing to remember is that pregnant women should try to avoid this preparation since it is believed that it increases the chances of having a miscarriage.

6. Calendula Tea

While the oil is more popular, the tea made from these bright orange whole flowers also has its own health benefits

The taste of this tea will probably not be the best and it is best to add some sweetener. Calendula tea also has a number of properties which help to deal with the skin and immune system because of antioxidants while its diuretic properties help to detoxify the body. This type of tea (after cooling it down) can also be applied directly to cuts and wounds and helps with inflammation as well.

7. Black Tea

The good old original way of preparing and drinking tea

This makes the list simply based on the weightage of its originality. Black tea needs no introduction across most places in the world and known to have a number of health benefits associated with it. Let us leave it at that.

The thing to remember is that tea also has a number of antioxidants like catechins, epicatechins and thearubigins which perform functions which could be as fancy as the names given to these antioxidants. Additionally, there are other uses and one of the main ones is protection of our cells from free radicals. It is well advised that the number of cups of tea be drunk in moderation as there is no use turning an advantage into a disadvantage.

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