Amazing Facts about Tea

When it comes to tea, it stands second to only a few things in terms of popularity around the world and such has been the case for a considerable period of time. There are so many uses for tea that have been around for generations and yet are unknown to most. Here, we take a look at some of the amazing facts about tea.

Saving ‘China’

How it was poured then but why this traditional method has changed over time

There was a time when the milk would be poured into the cup first in order to preserve the cups which were in use. Over the course of time, people realised that it would be easier to first pour the tea and then add the milk accordingly. Some say it also allows for the tea to settle in first.

Is it your cup of tea?

This is definitely one of the true tests of the quality of tea

If it is stored in the correct manner, top of the line loose tea should be fine for consumption for almost 2 years from the time it is manufactured. The trick is to keep tea away from light and moisture as much as possible as these are probably the most damaging elements.

The agony of the leaf

Not exactly what it sounds like, but there is an interesting ‘twist’ to things

The above is the term given to the natural occurrence of when the tea starts to steep and the tea leaves start to unfurl slowly. This is a moment which is loved by tea connoisseurs around the world since it is that moment when they believe that the true properties of the tea are actually starting to come out and mix with the water.

Under lock and key

Quite a reflection of how things are different these days

There was a time when tea was a very expensive commodity and was more like a niche product for the rich and super rich. During such times, tea would be kept in a chest under lock and key when it was not being used and is rumoured that only the lady of the house would have the keys to it. Such was the worth and value of the product.

Orange Pekoe

One of the most popular grades of tea in the world has no association with one of the most popular fruits in the world

A lot of people around the world mistakenly link this grade/type of tea with the fruit. There is no such relation and the reason why it is named so is because that is what the Dutch House of Orange decided to call it.

Used as a form of currency

This was one of the quirkier and prime uses of tea in ancient China

Back in the day, tea would be pressed into a brick and that would be used in various tradeoffs as financial means. For matters of spare change or smaller values, these bricks were made in such a manner that it could be broken off into tiny pieces for those smaller amounts. A rather unique way of literally dealing with things it must be said.

‘High’ tea

More to do with the elevation than the tradition

A little known fact is that a lot of the tea that is produced around the world is grown in terrain which is generally between 3000-7000 feet above sea level. This is one of the reasons why teas from even the same regions end up producing tea which exhibit different flavours and characteristics. Height definitely makes a massive difference in this case.

Bask in tea

This seems to be one of those health benefits or uses of tea

Green tea, in particular, is believed to be very efficient for the skin when it is used as part of a bath. It is supposed to detoxify the skin while also giving it a soothing effect at the same time. So, is this going to be your tub of tea?

Patterns and futures

Destiny depends on the shape which tea leaves decide to take

This is one of the most interesting uses of tea around the world. After tea has been poured, no strainer is used and the tea is drunk with the leaves in the cup. Once the tea is drunk, the cup needs to be shaken to an extent and then fortunes are told based on the patterns which the tea leaves have taken inside the cup.

As can be seen from the above, there are so many different things about tea which the common man (with respect to tea knowledge and interest) would generally never know about. They all add up to the popularity of tea around the world and are part of the reasons and uses which make it the favourite hot cuppa around the world.

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