Christmas Gifts for Tea Lovers

Christmas is one of those occasions which get celebrated all over the world. It amounts to a lot of festivities and merry making in all corners of the globe. People generally take this opportunity to spend quality time with their near and dear ones and gifts are exchanged during this period. Here, we take a look at a number of items that would be the ideal Christmas gift for tea lovers.

Digital measuring spoons

This is one of the best ways in which to ensure that the tea is measured perfectly before being put out to boil and it saves us some time as well. Correct measurements are one of the key ingredients to making that perfect cup of tea. Leave out the guesswork now and let the wonders of technology help you make your tea.

A tea set

Everybody needs a tea set while every tea lover would love to possess a tea set that would catch the fancy of every person that sets their eyes on it. So why not go ahead and get a special tea set for that tea loving family member or friend as it will be a gift that they will surely treasure for years to come. Whether you get ceramic, porcelain, bone china, glass or even precious metal is a choice which will be left for you to decide.

Herbal tea bath kits

Now whoever said that tea was only meant to be consumed? There are multiple uses of tea and a herbal tea bath kit could easily rank among the most relaxing of these uses. This would probably be the perfect gift for that tea lover who already has a huge selection of teas to drink from. For once, they can be part of a tea experience which they probably would not have thought of.

Variable temperature kettle

A variable temperature allows for one to make different kinds of teas without having to worry whether the water is too hot or cold. So, the next time some white tea is being made or some green tea needs to be brewed, all one needs to do is put in the appropriate temperature and wait for the perfect cup of tea to be made.

Speciality teas

No matter how many types of tea one has in store, they will always welcome a gift of tea with open arms. Even more so if the tea happens to one of the many speciality teas that are being produced these days since they are not easy to lay hands on. This would definitely be one of the best Christmas gifts for tea lovers.

Tea cosy

While a tea cosy may not be the first thing which comes to mind when thinking of gifts for tea lovers, a unique and specialised tea cosy would definite convey the message or feeling of care and love. So go get one made in the shape of their beloved animal or any other thing and add a touch of cuteness to the art of serving tea.

Tea plant kit

Every tea lover would jump at the chance to grow their own tea. Even for the ultimate tea enthusiast, chances are that this would be one of those things associated with tea that they would probably not have experienced. Imagine the look on a tea lover’s face when they see that you have turned up with a plant kit which allows them to actually grow their favourite tea from scratch. Tea-totalling indeed!!!

Arrange to attend a tea tasting session

Imagine the look on your tea loving friend or relatives face when you let them know that you have sorted out entry for them to attend a tea tasting session. They will be part of a unique experience which they have probably never been part off before. Your beloved one will go home with greater knowledge of their favourite hot cuppa as well as memories that will be cherished forever.

Tea Books

After all, there is no end to knowledge and tea is one of those things which may be popular all over the world but few people have much knowledge about it. A book on tea would be able to give people further insight into the various types of teas, how they are manufactured and grown or even the different ways in which tea is prepared and drunk in numerous parts of the planet. There is a lot to know about tea even for the most ardent tea lover and there are few better ways to learn than from one of those comprehensive books on tea.

The selection of gifts chosen here represents a collection that is not only practical in terms of usage but also on the pocket with the exception of a few. Every tea lover is sure to enjoy any one of these and it will surely earn you brownie points for the future.

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