Where do you find the best
Assam tea?

Halmari Tea offers best quality of garden fresh teas that are directly Shipped from the freshest garden in Assam.


100 Years of Legacy

The tradition of taste. Halmari tea garden is one of the best tea garden in the world welcomes you in the world of tea. It has been producing the highest quality fresh tea since more over 100 years. You can get the best quality of fresh tea from us with a minimal price. Halmari celebrates 100 years of legacy, now comes with a large collection of various tea.

The Halmari Collection

You can get the World’s finest tea with a less price than local vendor can offer.

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Tea is the best companion in your morning. A cup of tea is the perfect choice to perk up in a lazy morning. But how can you choose the best one for you? Where would you get the tradition with quality? That is nothing but in Halmari.

The Halmari tea celebrates 100 years of legacy and it is rated among the nine tea gardens across the world. The tea is packed right in the garden to ensure a rich aroma in the cup. We despatch the best quality packed , sealed tea in front of your door. Halmari has a large variety of finest CTC, orthodox, green tea , oolong tea and many more . You can choose your favourite one from our collection in an affordable price.


Infinite reasons to
select us


01.The finest quality all over the World

Halmari is known to worldwide for its finest quality. We are rated one of the best tea garden among 9 tops in the World.


02.Eco friendly

Halmari is 100% rainforest alliance compliant. We encourage and sustain an environment-friendly culture on our tea garden.


03.From the freshest garden

All Halmari tea are purely garden fresh. We despatch your teas the very next day after your order.


04.Most awarded garden since a long time

We are the highest awarded garden since more than 20 years for consistent supply of premium quality finest tea.


Expression of people about Halmari



We’ve come to associate Halmari with the finest Assams. The attention to quality is evident in their tea, with its rich amber liquor (more…)
Jane Pettigrew

Jane Pettigrew

Tea connoisseur and author
Deliciously sweet with the aroma of plump sun dried raisins. The sweet smooth strength makes this a great tea for first thing in the morning, with breakfast and through the day. It balances very well with both sweet and savoury foods – for Halmari Orthodox.


Located in Bern , One of the most prestigious tea boutiques in the world
We have carried the Halmari Tea in our shop for many years and it has become one of our standards, not only accompanying long-standing customers, but also constantly convincing new tea drinkers of its quality.



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Enjoy garden fresh teas delivered right from India’s best tea estate to your doorstep.