How much tea can I consume in a single day?

Overs the years, tea drinking is an art that has been celebrated all over the world with much aplomb. Each place has their own way of making/drinking tea and things like altitude and terrain play an influential role in quite a few of these preparations. These geographical factors have also had a direct hand in the origin of a few different categories of teas. Tea parties of the past have ended up becoming a part of the folklore for generations to come- such has been the love and appreciation for tea over the ages.

Nowadays, with so many concerns for health coming up among other reasons, people are also being advised to limit the number of cups of tea that they drink on a daily basis. Different teas have varying levels of caffeine and while some have none, there are some which people consume first thing in the morning as a milder alternative to coffee due to considerably higher caffeine content. Here, we get an insight into some of the varieties of tea which are consumed all over the world and also mention how many cups (to be taken as a general guideline for people without existing medical conditions which  could be further aggravated) of these teas per day per person would be considered “safe.”

1. Black Tea

While this is the most popularly consumed category of tea around the world, it also generally tends to have the highest amount of caffeine content per cup and is known to be rather strong and brisk to the palate. The number of cups of black tea per person per day than can be consumed would be somewhere between 3 to 5 cups. Apart from the simple pleasure of sipping on it, it is best to make use rather than misuse the health benefits that come with tea.

2. Green Tea

For all the good things about green tea and the numerous health benefits that get associated with it, it is still tea and bound to have some similarities to the above mentioned category and that includes a certain amount of caffeine as well. It is usually safe to say that drinking between 3 to 5 cups of green tea on a regular basis is by and large a moderate amount of consumption for most people.

3. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea falls under that category of tea which is devoid of any caffeine as are all other types of tea that have fruit or herb based infusions.  Even though chamomile is known around the world for its calming and sleep inducing properties, 1-4 cups of chamomile are considered to be a fair amount to drink on a regular basis.

4. Oolong Tea

This version of tea finds itself somewhere between green tea and black tea on the production scale. Because of this reason, oolong is able to exhibit properties which are from both green tea and black tea. Naturally, the amount of caffeine in each cup of oolong also falls in between the caffeine content of the aforementioned categories of tea and 3 to 5 cups of this tea are thought to be a good number every day.

5. White Tea

Even though it is growing in popularity around the world, this category of tea could be termed as the “niche” tea when compared to the others that have been mentioned here. Top quality white tea may not always be available to everyone since production is a bit limited and that in turn co relates with how it is priced in most places. A reasonable number of cups of white tea per day would probably be about 3 to 5 cups. One thing to keep in mind is that excess consumption of white tea could be detrimental to health and in some cases, wealth as well.

The main thing to keep in mind is that like with everything else, tea should be consumed in moderation and consuming too much (general rule of no more than 5 cups) on a regular basis could lead to some serious health problems.  The list above is for the general reflection of people and in no way should be considered exhaustive. People with medical conditions of any sort should definitely consult their physicians before following any set tea drinking routine.

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