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    Halmari CTC & Orthodox Blend Loose Tea

    An exceptional blend of black teas

    Rated 4.40 out of 5
    Price: 100 Cups/£10

What’s tea if you can’t have it fresh?

We at Halmari, believe that tea is not just a morning and afternoon beverage, but an art of living. Every variety of tea available at Halmari comes directly from its own estate in Assam – the Indian state renowned for its fresh garden teas. Our loose leaf teas and tea bags are notably single origin, fresh and flavourful with an utmost focus on the highest quality possible. A Global Tea Championship Winner for 3 years running, Halmari’s tea estate is one of the 9 best tea estates in the world since 1913. Hence, the teas that we offer are nothing but the best. Halmari Tea brings to you a diverse range of Assam tea like Clonal tea, English Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey, Masala Tea Leaves, Orthodox Tea, CTC Blend, Green tea, Green tea with Lemon, Silver Needle White tea, Hand Rolled Oolong Tea and Chamomile Tea.

Buy From Halmari

With Halmari, buying Assam tea online from the UK has never been simpler. Halmari Tea is known worldwide for having the freshest quality of premium loose leaf tea and tea bags. The Premium collection of the second flush teas 2019 are now available straight from the awarded garden in India. Placing an order is simple and once done, your tea is dispatched the very next day. The packaging is taken extra care of so that there is no disparity in the tea quality once it reaches you. When it comes to tea, there are no second thoughts. We know that you want the best, and we at Halmari are here to deliver just what you want.