Record tea price

Guwahati: Assam tea got its best price for first flush on Tuesday when Halmari tea from Dibrugarh district fetched Rs 469 per kg in the Calcutta auctions.

The previous best price for Assam first flush, also bagged by Halmari, was Rs 422 per kg at the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre.

Halmari garden fetched Rs 469 and Rs 441 a kg for its CTC variety tea of grade broken orange pekoe (BOP) in two different invoices at sale 16 at the auctions.

Calcutta-based Star Tea Company bought 125.80 kg of Rs 469 tea while Shiv Tea Company, also based in Calcutta, bought 151.80 kg of Rs 441 tea. The tea, plucked during the third week of March, will be sold in the country.

BOP is a little bolder grade, which allows consumers to enjoy the aroma and flavour to its fullest. It also provides a unique and very balanced combination of flavour and strength.

A majority of Halmari’s produce is CTC tea and it has fetched the best prices in the auctions till date, both in the first and second flush.

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