Our Refund Policy

We are committed to refund your money if your order has been cancelled under any kind of unavoidable circumstances. Refund is also applicable in case of any product dispute or mismanagement. We are committed to perform our services according to the details and timelines of your order. Here, you will find vital information about the policies regarding product cancellation and refund of money.

What May Cause Cancellation of Order? A Few Common Reasons

  • When a particular product is not available

  • When the customer’s address is not serviceable

  • When the order is not shipped as per the customer’s specified timeline

Order Cancellation Reasons after Shipment

  • Irreplaceable or irreparable defect on product

  • Recipient’s unavailability or untraceable shipping address causing non-delivery of the product

No refund will be made if the recipient refuses to receive the ordered product. Moreover, we will not accept refund request if the product is damaged during transit.

Check – The customer must thoroughly check the ordered product to ensure there is no damage or tampering of the package.

Conditions – In case the customer received a wrong product, we will return or refund the order. For any other condition, the refund or return of order will not be entertained.

Also, the customer must send email or sms if there is delay in the product delivery in accordance with the mentioned timeline. In case the customer fails to do so, the refund may not be initiated.

Procedure – Send an email to us or call customer care if you have received a wrong product. We will inform you about the status and initiate the refund.

Rule out – We rule out the possibility of a refund if the weight of the received product does not match with the weight while placing an order and if any tampering is done to the product.