Single origin teas

Whenever most tea discussions take place, they generally revolve around the taste and aroma or the nomenclature of the tea. Very rarely do people wonder if the tea that they are consuming came from only a single source or whether it is an amalgamation of teas which have been sourced from different region around the world.

Single origin teas are also sometimes referred to as single region teas if they have originated in a single region of a country. This is not to be mistaken with single estate teas as those are teas which have been produced by a specific garden or estate.

One of the features which distinguish the single origin teas is that they are all from a particular area as compared to blends which may contain teas from different corners of the world.  A tea blend can sometimes be quite misleading or confusing since the blend could contain teas from different countries altogether or could also contain teas from regions in the same country or different parts of the same region.

Here, we take a look at some of the reasons why a lot of people choose to drink single origin teas on a regular basis.

Some plus points of drinking single origin tea

Most people who are familiar with the growing process of tea would also know that the region in which it is grown plays a major hand in controlling some of the flavours of the tea. Many natural factors like the soil and climate also have a significant influence on the outcome of the final product and this is the reason why a lot of the tea people always claim that no two teas are the same.

As a result of this, at times, tea growing in the same part of the garden may produce two very separate batches of tea on consecutive days. With single origin teas, people get their best shot at experiencing the different aromas and flavours that are produced by teas from various locations around the world. This is probably one of the best ways to get to know something about a certain place without ever actually setting foot in it.

Arguably, the best thing (along with drinking it of course!!!) about single origin teas is that the drinker has a clear idea about where this tea is from. Along with that, there are other things about the tea which can be found out as well. For instance, one can find out about the manufacturing process and whether the producer is following the correct methods and also using ingredients which are within the legal limits and not harmful to people or the environment. It also helps to locate teas which are produced in certain districts or regions of the tea producing countries of the world.

Looking into the pricing and quality of single origin teas

In some of the upper echelons of society, drinking single origin teas is considered to be one of the norms and these are among the bigger users of the premium single origin teas. This is also probably why a lot of people think that these teas are always highly priced. One of the bigger myths around is that single origin teas are always more expensive than their blended counterparts.

The fact remains that both single origin and blended teas have variable pricing and come at premium as well as affordable levels. There could be single origin teas which are cheaper than certain blends while there would also be single origin teas which are higher priced than most blends.

It is the quality of the tea, whether blend or single origin, which sets the cost of most teas. Blended teas have added operational costs. It also involves added man hours since the blends need to be checked thoroughly through means like tasting and fine tuning the blend in order to arrive at that exact taste that is desired. If at all, blending would be seen by any tea loyalist or purist as a means of extra procedures as compared to single origin teas.

How to get hold of some single origin teas

For the larger part of it, most of the single origin teas would be available around the world in the form of loose leaf teas. This would hold truer in the case of the best quality teas. These days, there is also a selection of single origin teas which go into tea bags though the best way to enjoy a good quality single origin tea or blend would be to by the loose leaf and then make it. Nothing beats this method of preparing tea in order to let the various notes of the tea come out perfectly in the cuppa.

Single origin teas would have been the way in which the world originally used to drink tea till innovations like CTC style of manufacturing, tea blending and tea bags came along. Some people still prefer to have it in the manner in which it was first consumed.

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