Tea festivals from around the worlds

Tea is something which has been drunk and celebrated around the planet for ages. For centuries, there have been a number of tea ceremonies in different countries and households. In the past couple of years, there have also been a number of tea festivals which are being held around the world.

Here, we have a look at some of the most prominent celebrations which are held in honour of the world’s favourite hot cuppa in a couple of the nations which take the meaning of tea frenzy to a different level.

Assam tea festival

It should not come as a surprise that the region which produces arguably the finest black teas would have a festival dedicated towards tea. This is held in one of the prime tea growing districts known as Jorhat and there are a host of activities for people to choose from. A number of different types of food are also on offer and one can quench both their thirst and their hunger. People can visit a number of tea estates as well as the Guwahati Auction Centre. They can also show off their skills at things like golf and fishing. The main emphasis, though, remains on the conference where people from across the globe gather to speak and discuss about the tea industry.

Singapore tea festival

Apart from an amalgamation of different kinds of tea, people also have the opportunity to attend workshops with a limited number of seats for all 3 days of the festival. Visitors also get a chance to learn about how to brew certain varieties of tea in the correct manner and there are some other activities to try out as well. Whether you like fruity, sweet, floral or musky, there will be enough to keep all types of taste buds tingling. There are also a number of caffeine free selections as well for the ones who prefer lighter teas.

Boseong green tea festival

This is the biggest tea festival that is held annually in Korea and is one of the oldest in the world. It has now been around for a couple of decades and looks good to stay on in the longer run. Even though this area is well known for the green tea that it produces, there are a number of different flavours that are on show for people to try. Partaking in this festival also sheds a good amount of light on the tea culture of this country.

Teesta tea and tourism festival

While a lot of emphasis is also placed on the tourism aspect, this other famous tea growing region of India produces some of the most clean and grainy teas on the planet. These teas are truly any blenders delight when they want the zing and the aesthetics to go hand in hand. The other famous tea which is grown around this region is the Darjeeling variety which is renowned for the flavours and aromas it produces along with a good amount of tips in the two peak production periods.

Toronto tea festival

This festival in the western part of the world has gained quite a bit of traction in the past couple of years as people become more familiar with tea. It is open to newbies as well as the pros. There are interactive sessions where the experts hold some complimentary presentations and enhance the knowledge of those in attendance. A number of teas can be tasted here and one can learn about the manufacturing process, origin, flavour, brewing methods and a number of different things about the teas that have been put out. People can also pick up some tea ware along with the teas of course.

The Shenzhen tea expo

China is as synonymous to tea as strawberries and cream are to the Wimbledon tennis championships. After all, this is where tea is believed to have originated and till date, is the largest producer of tea in the world. The main emphasis here is on how to increase the tea industry with a lot of focus on business development and networking. Things like international brand marketing and scientific and technological innovation are also high up on the things to do list. There is either very few or no other tea event like this where such a large number of people with common interests get to connect with each other on a global platform. Whether you are a tea producer, buyer, distributor or simply a lover of tea, this is one tea event which is sure to leave you wanting some more of the same.

These are just a few of the more common tea festivals that are held around the world and should not be treated as a comprehensive list by any means. Tea is drunk in almost every nook and corner of the planet and there must be many more ways in which this wondrous drink is celebrated.

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