Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions will help you to understand the procedure you need to follow while using the website of Amarawati Tea. We recommended you to go through this page before entering into an agreement with us. Thus, read the page carefully before you place your order after browsing the site.

We often update or amend our terms and conditions and that is why we always suggest our customers to check it frequently. Terms and conditions come with a number of clauses and any of them can be considered as invalid when the clause cannot be enforced according to the given situation.


Online shopping platform Amarawati Tea owns and operates the website through which visitors browse and purchase products. Here the agreement means you have read our terms and conditions and agreed to deal with us.

Sellers announce offers using the platform of Amarawati Tea that helps users to purchase products through the website. Seller or vendors act as a legal entity, who announces offers or products for sale.

Purchase Products Online

Amarawati Tea is an ideal platform for the users where they interact with others and make a purchase after browsing the website. The company plays a key role in fulfilling contractual or commercial terms agreed by sellers and buyers.

Amarawati Tea has the right of cancelling any order users have placed using credit cards with the international billing address. The company may levy octroi charges on some items displayed on its web portals. In addition, Amarawati Tea will not be responsible for any kind of damage or loss occurred during the transaction.

Online Payment

In order to make the process of money transaction easier, we offer digital payment gateway facility that helps the users to make payment to the vendors using their bankcards. Read the terms and conditions of payment gateway service provider carefully before you use the service.

Tracking Orders

Once placing orders through our website, the users can enjoy the facility of tracking their orders. Here you should know and agree that Amarawati Tea activates the transmission of tracking information, as they are related to third party user generated content. The company cannot control such content and should not be held accountable for that.


Users will have to be a registered customer before enjoying services through our website. User’s ID and password must be confidential or he or she will be accountable for any kind of activities carried out by others using the user ID and password. A user should immediately inform Amarawati Tea if his or her ID and password are being misused by others.

Suspension or Termination

The company has full rights of suspending or terminating a user’s account. Amarawati Tea enjoys the right of terminating the agreement and deleting any accounts and take corrective steps against any users without even notifying him or her. Once an account has been terminated by the company, the user will not be able to access it.


None of the terms and conditions of this agreement issued for accessing the site by a user will be deemed for constituting a partnership between the company and the user. No one can prove its authority for binding or considered to be an agent.

Notice of Copyright Violation

Amarawati Tea will not be responsible for any kind of copyright violation for the content posted on the website. It will not be accountable for the breach of copyright for any items listed on its web portal.