Krishan Katyal

Halmari has chosen not to sit on its laurels. They have been working to improve and it is paying now. “It is no more a tea brand, it is a prized possession”


We’ve come to associate Halmari with the finest Assams. The attention to quality is evident in their tea, with its rich amber liquor

Jane Pettigrew

Deliciously sweet with the aroma of plump sun dried raisins. The sweet smooth strength makes this a great tea for first thing in the morning, with breakfast and through the day. It balances very well with both sweet and savoury…


We have carried the Halmari Tea in our shop for many years and it has become one of our standards, not only accompanying long-standing customers, but also constantly convincing new tea drinkers of its quality.

Mahesh Sharma

It has been now over 20 years that my day starts with a cup of Halmari black orthodox tea. The taste, best described, is a perfect

Sushma Seth

My favourite morning ‘cuppa’ – the most fragrant and delicious HALMARI TEA ! It refreshes and energizes to take on the day’s activity.