The most loved Halmari teas in UK for 2017

Halmari Tea Estate is widely known as the producer of the best black tea in India. It ranks right up there with the very best tea gardens in the world in terms of cup, leaf and keeping quality. It is our endeavour to never let our levels drop and produce tea of the highest standard for tea lovers all across the world.

This in itself is a tough job since our CTC black teas have regularly sold for the highest auction prices in the world. Our whole leaf black tea has been a consecutive winner at the North American Global Tea Championships as well. Both distinctions have been achieved multiple times and is a true reflection of the dedication of the Daga family. They own this coveted single estate garden which sits plush in the centre of Assam- one of India’s famed tea producing regions. One of our newer retail ventures, Halmari Tea UK, has done well to have its presence felt over a relatively short span of time. Let us now have a look at some of the most loved Halmari teas in UK for 2017

1. Halmari Gold Orthodox

A strong cup of top quality pure black tea which leaves you energised

The leaves of this tea, generally produced during second flush, are selectively plucked and delicately rolled. This is one of the major factors behind the fullness of the cup. As the name suggests, expect to find a number of golden tips in this delicious tea. This makes it one of the more loved teas of Halmari Tea UK. Some amount of clonal character can be found in the cup which is bright and brisk. Expect to feel refreshed after having just one cup of these.

2. Halmari Gold English Breakfast

There is a reason why this tea ‘briskly’ leaves the other behind when it comes to auction prices

Considering how synonymous tea is with breakfast in the UK, this one does not come as a surprise. It is completely made up of the popular broken pekoe (BP) grade and is a multiple record setter for CTC tea auctions in India and around the world. The liquor is extremely brisk and golden in colour while the leaf is granular in shape with some amount of bloom. They say breakfast should be had like a king. Halmari’s English Breakfast is fit for any king.

3. Halmari hand rolled Oolong

Extra care is taken to produce this tea which is quickly carving a niche for itself

This semi fermented tea has been gaining popularity all over the world, not just in Halmari Tea UK. A distinct taste sets it apart from the others. These EU compliant teas are specially hand rolled even though the five basic tea production steps are followed. There are some white gold buds to be found in this wiry leaf variety. The best way to enjoy this smooth and mellow liquor is by not adding anything to it. This is the only way to enjoy the various aromas and flavours that come with this type of tea.

4. Halmari Golden Tips

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all?

In terms of aesthetics, this one would beat all the others mentioned on this list. Thankfully, the cup quality of these soft and light goldens tips also deserves similar mention. These are produced in nominal amounts during the second flush and is considered more of a luxury. We definitely will not be complaining though if someone decides to make this smooth, refreshing brew their daily cup of tea.

5. Halmari Gold Clonal

If all our teas were being made into a cake, this would be the cherry on top]

Probably the most popular out of all of our teas at Halmari Tea UK and with good reason too. It picked up top spot at the North America Global Tea championship in its category in 2017 and has been a regular feature on the winner’s list 2012 onwards. There are more than generous amounts of golden tips in this tea which has a thick sweet malty taste with some clonal character. Though best for self-drinking, spices or milk can be added to this deep ruby cup of tea. The unique thing about this GTGFOP1 is that it is only produced during the second flush- the peak production period when all the quality teas in India are made. This one’s a brand within a brand.

All these teas will leave even the fussiest tea lover wanting more. Come get your own at Halmari Tea UK and be part of a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

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