Top 10 Tea recipes for tea lovers

One of the most fascinating things about tea is that there is no particular method of making the perfect cup of tea. The taste for tea has evolved over the years and so have the types of teas. While a soft cup of white tea may be the perfect cup of tea for one tea lover, a strong cup of top quality Assam may be another tea aficionado’s perfect cup of tea.

Here, we come up with an assortment of 10 tea recipes for tea lovers. These are recipes from around the world and while some of them have additional benefits as well, one thing in common to all of them is that they are all worth trying out.

1. Lemon honey tea

This is the perfect tea to consume after a long and tiring day. The good thing is that neither the ingredients nor the process of making it is tough. The sweet taste of the honey and the tangy notes of the lemon blend in well and leave the drinker well and truly rejuvenated. The best tea to use for this recipe would be some top quality black tea. The choice of experimenting with some other variety of tea is up to you though.


Tea, 1 tsp lemon juice and 1 tbsp honey


The honey and lemon juice (enough for 3 cups approximately) should be added after the tea has been prepared and strained and clear off any tea leaves- basically is ready to drink. The trick is to mix the honey and lemon juice well with the tea and then serve immediately after in order to get best results.

2. Thai iced tea

This Asian recipe would rank high on the list of any tea lover who also has a sweet tooth apart from being a rather tasty drink which helps to cool off as well.


Star anise, cardamom, coconut milk, honey, water, Assam black tea


After the water is boiled, honey must be added and stirred. Then the tea, star anise and cardamom should be mixed and allowed to steep for about half hour before being put into the fridge to chill. Once the tea is chilled, it can be added to a glass with a couple of cubes of ice and can be topped off with few tablespoons of coconut milk to ready this preparation for drinking.

3. Cranberry spiced tea

This is a power packed cup or glass of tea which brings together a superfood with something which is packed with loads of antioxidants. This tea gives the immune system a boost and is one of the better things to consume in the morning.


Black or rooibos tea, water, cinnamon, fresh or frozen cranberries, peeled and grated ginger, lemon juice


All the ingredients apart from the tea need to be added together in a pot or saucepan and brought to a boil. Post this, the heat should be reduced and the mixture should be left to simmer for about 20 minutes. The tea can be added after this and left to steep for a couple of minutes. Add your choice of sweetener and your power packed cranberry spice tea is ready to drink.

4. Peppermint tea

Just the name and thought of must be refreshing some of the tea lovers out there. For the others, indulging in a cup of the same will definitely do the job. It is considered to be very good for the digestive system and mint or pudina, as it is also known as, is used in a lot of beverages for such purposes.


Fresh leaves, water, honey (optional)


Initially, a bunch of fresh leaves should be dried out in the sun. After they have dried, the leaves should be ground and kept in some storage container. When making peppermint tea, the water should be boiled first and then the adequate amount of the dried leaves should be added. After this, the tea should be strained and is then ready to drink. Adding honey to the brew is an option.

5. Lemongrass tea

This one has caught the fancy of a lot of people in the last couple of years. The anti bacterial and anti fungal properties of lemongrass also comes in handy is this situation as it helps with things like common cold and cough and generally gives a boost to the immune system.  Drinking this tea on a regular basis will help to detoxify the body as well.


Lemongrass (2-3 stems), squashed lemon, sugar (optional) and water.


Remember that the lemongrass needs to be washed thoroughly. After that, it should be cut into fine pieces and then immersed in some hot water. It should be kept till the colour of the water changes and then placed in another utensil to be refined. The tangy flavours of the squashed lemon will be a good taste enhancer and sugar may or may not be added depending upon preferences.

6. Russian style tea

This concoction, which is believed to have originated in Russia, is definitely one of the funkier preparations around while maintaining a level of simplicity at the same time. It is one of the better things to consume on a cold winter day.


Lemon juice, orange juice, honey, black tea, cloves, water, honey


With the exception of the tea, all the other ingredients should be added together and then put to boil. After that, the tea should be added and then strained before being served.

7. Sparkling chai

One of the main reasons why sodas and colas are so popular around the world is because of the bubbly and fizzy nature of it. This leaves behind a splash of freshness in our mouths and gets our taste buds to tingle. So why not make a tea which gives the fizz of sodas while retaining the taste of tea.


1 cup sparkling water, 1 cup of chai, favoured sweetener


The first step to take as part of this recipe is to prepare the chai in whichever manner is desired. The sparkling water can then be added to the chai along with the preferred choice of sweetener. The best way to enjoy your sparkling chai is with loads of ice. This seems like the perfect way to cool off on a hot sunny day.

8. Butter tea

This could also be a delicious drink for some of the younger tea lovers and could be a good addition to the daily nutrition intake. This becomes even healthier if grass fed butter is used and has a lot of similarities with the tea made from yak butter in the Tibetan regions.


Grass fed butter, gelatin, tea, water, honey or other sweetener


The gelatin and water need to be added to a saucepan and then wait for the gelatin to be properly dissolved. The water should be taken off before it starts to simmer and the tea should be added and left to cool and steep for about 10 minutes. A quick round through the blender for half a minute and the butter tea is ready to be served. Honey can be added to the mix for increased taste.

9. Date tea

Keep in mind the fact that there is no wordplay involved here. Dates are used to make this tea and as expected, it is one of the sweetest preparations of tea out there. The good thing about this brew is that natural sweeteners are used to make it.


2 dates, 350 ml water (approx), tea, ice cubes


The dates should be put into a blender and blended. More dates can be used if sweeter tea is desired. The water should be boiled and brewed accordingly with the tea. After straining the tea or removing the teabag, the blended dates should be added straight away. The tea should be allowed to cool down till room temperature at least before adding it to a glass of ice. The dates can either be removed or kept as is.

10. Black tea

No list of recipes for tea lovers would be complete without the original way in which the world drank tea. Despite all the variations, this is still the most widely consumed type of tea.


Water, black tea, milk (optional), sweetener (optional)


Water needs to be brought to boiling temperature and then the tea is added. Milk or choice of sweetener is completely at discretion of the drinker.  It is as simple as that.

The various tea recipes mentioned here clearly highlight how the art of drinking tea has evolved over the years. We hope that you would definitely try and enjoy all the recipes mentioned here and many more.

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