Using tea for purposes other than drinking

Whenever tea is mentioned, there are various things which come to mind. Connoisseurs would be looking at the style and flavours of the tea while health enthusiasts will be looking to derive one or more of the many health benefits of tea. Others would simply discuss how they love drinking or making a cup of their favourite hot brew.

What a lot of people do not know is that there are many uses of tea- whether it is loose leaf tea or whether they are the various uses of teabags after it has been used to make a cup of tea. Here, we look at a number of such different uses. Now, whoever said that tea was meant only for drinking clearly did not bother to be a bit more innovative with it.

Natural deodorant

Getting rid of the various unwanted smells which are generally part of daily life

Tea leaves can be used on a variety of items to remove odours which are not particularly pleasant. Some of the smells which tea leaves can remove are toe jam in shoes, musty smells on carpets and rugs, fishy smell in hands while cooking and it also removes the smell of things like baking soda which leave a weird smell in the fridge quite often.  Do remember, though, that applying wet tea leaves on things like carpets could leave further stains rather than removing them.

Relief to the eyes

Beauty lies in the eye of the tea holder

The next time you decide to use a teabag, do not throw it away after making that one or two cups of tea. Instead, use the teabag to get rid of things like tiredness in the eyes or swollen and puffy eyes. The way to do it is to dip the teabags in warm water and then place them over the eyes for a period of about 20 odd minutes. Expect your eyes to feel light and refreshed after this. A teabag which has been cooled in the freezer also helps in similar circumstances and it also helps to deal with those dark circles that form under the eyes.

Marinating meat

Another reason for them meat lovers to love tea

Here is the secret ingredient that a lot of people around the world like to use when they want to tenderize meat. Not only does marinating the meat in tea make it much softer, the meat also becomes easier to digest. At times, tea is also added to the various dishes along with regular seasonings to give it that added taste and flavour.

Enhancing greenery

Give your plants and trees at home a natural fertilizer

A little known fact about tea is that the acidic nature of tea and its nutrients are also good for plants. It also probably contains more environmentally friendly chemicals than the fertilizers which are generally used on plants. In the event that a teabag is bio degradable, it can be thrown straight into the soil or compost pit after it has been used. It helps as a useful deterrent to prevent that irritating weed from growing all over. Next time, give this a try at home on your little potted plant and see if it works or not.

Dyeing agent

The various types of tea allow for dyes of different colours

Tea is a very good natural dyeing agent because of the fact that its variants produce a number of hues. While it may not be a permanent dye, tea can be used to dye things like fabric and a lot of people have used strong brewed tea to not just rinse their hair but also to give it a touch of colour. Rinsing your hair with tea will also give it a natural shine.

Cleaning wooden floors and wooden furniture

The natural tannins in tea help to add extra shine to the wooden things at home

The trick is to use a pot of strong brewed tea after cleaning the floor or furniture in the regular manner. The tea can be used to mop up the wood which should be left to dry after. Black tea or oolong tea can be used for darker coloured wood while green tea or white tea can be applied to lighter coloured wood.

If it was not for the wonderful taste and aroma that a cup of tea produces, tea would have still probably found its way into the daily lives of people because of the various uses that it has. Add to that, the numerous health benefits of tea and we definitely have a winner at our disposal. All these not so well known uses of tea would definitely help anyone if they decided to try their hand at any one of these. If none of these appeal to you, then go do with your tea what it is known for best and do not stop sipping on your favourite hot cuppa.

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