Why tea makes for the best kind of gift

Giving somebody a gift that comprises of tea should be one of the easiest choices in the world when it comes to choosing a gift. After all, there are not many people who do not drink tea and even if one is not a regular tea drinker, this is a gift which can be kept and consumed over a considerable period of time. The durability will depend on whether it is stored in the right manner though.

For a product that is loved universally, tea needs no introduction as such. In fact, tea is one of those commodities which have now been used as a gift for centuries. In the olden times, tea was too costly and everyone did not have access to it or the finances for it. Hence, it would make for the perfect gift for somebody. Here, we take a look at some of the other reasons as to why tea makes for the best kind of gift.

For the love of it

There is no denying the fact that the world is filled with a number of tea lovers and enthusiasts. If the person you intend to give a gift to falls under the above mentioned categories, then there is no need to look further than a pack of quality tea. Unless the person absolutely abstains from tea, there is no reason why he or she will not gladly accept the gift.

Tea production may be seasonal but drinking it is not

One of the nicest things about tea is that it can be had in all conditions and during all times off the day or year. Unless it is one of those speciality teas which are doing the rounds these days, chances are that a cup of the tea which is being gifted will be suitable to drink all round the clock like tea has been drunk over the ages. This is one of the main reasons why tea is second in popularity only to water in terms of beverages around the globe.

It is not cumbersome for the receiver

Often, people receive a gift and they have very little idea of what to do with it but the same cannot be said about tea when it is being gifted. Actually, in this case, the donor may be the one who has to go through the trouble of selecting a tea to give. This is even more so if either of the two are very picky and choosy about the type of tea that they like to buy or keep in their possession. On the other hand, the person getting the tea will just have to make the tea and then sit back and enjoy their time with a hot cuppa.

It is still considered to be a worthy gift

While every place on the planet does not place tea on the highest pedestal, it can safely be said that tea is loved all across. As mentioned before, this is a tradition which was started long back when tea was not meant for the masses. Even though tea is available to most people now, the very finest of the teas are still not meant for all and sundry unfortunately. So a prize first flush Darjeeling or the crème de la creme of the Assam second flush would definitely find pride of place in most households- if not for the quality of the tea then definitely for the fact that it is not easy to get hold off.

No one ever complained about having excess tea at home

Often, there are certain gifts which cannot be used immediately or in the near future since there is already a replacement for the same in use. The good thing about tea is that it does not need to be put away into the corner for ages- unlike something like a dining set which could probably be used when the current one gets too old or even worse, may get handed onto someone else as their gift. No one ever heard of tea that has been gifted of being handed over to someone else as a gift. Receiving more tea as a present is something which will be gladly accepted by most people.

All the above points to tea being one of the easiest choices as a gift for others while it also shows why it is amongst the more appropriate items which can be used as a gift. The chances of it not being well accepted are minimal or nil and one can be assured of the fact that their choice of gift is well and truly received. Tea can be gifted to loved ones, friends, family members, and even to people who are meeting for the first time. It truly is a remarkable and thoughtful gift and will hopefully always be the same.

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